edm fluids

EDM Fluids

Whether choosing our high quality, all purpose Dielectric A, or our two world-class Commonwealth Oils, Erodex technical personnel can help select the correct fluid for your application.

Fluid A

A high quality metal working fluid designed for a wide range of EDM operations. It has a low viscosity to allow for fine finishing of small holes and cavities and ensures efficient flushing and filtering.
Fluid A is available in 25ltr and 205ltr containers.

EDM 244

EDM 244 is a revolutionary fluid. Due to low evaporation levels far less ‘top ups’ are required. A much higher oxidation stability means greatly increased fluid life and low aromatic and sulphur contents provide a healthier working environment. Increased safety from fire risks is achieved by a higher flash point.
EDM 244 is available in 25ltr and 208ltr containers.

EDM Super Supreme

All the properties of EDM 244 but is especially kind to hands with its resistance to defatting of skin.
EDM Super Supreme is available in 25ltr and 208ltr containers.